Discovering San Sebastián, Spain

A picture of paradise - San Sabastian, Spain

A picture of paradise – San Sabastián, Spain

This is the last post in a series where we are exploring several famous cities in Northern Spain. Barcelona, Pamplona, and San Sebastián are must stops for any visit to this part of the country. In this post, let’s look at the beautiful historical city of San Sebastián.

A short bus ride West from Pamplona is the picturesque city of San Sebastián, or Donostia as the locals call it. A city perched above the coral blue Atlantic waters of Concha Bay, with golden beaches on a bay capped by mountain peaks at either end and a little island in the center. You think you might have actually found paradise.

Old Town at the far-right end of the beachfront promenade in the photo above is where San Sebastian was born about 1,000 years ago. Old Town is the place to explore Tapas Bars, sidewalk cafes, pastry stores, and little shops. . . so rich in photographic opportunities.


Old Town

An enjoyable hike along the seashore promenade to the other end of Concha Bay brings you to Monte Igueldo. A short Funicular ride up the mountain reveals a grand view of Concha Bay you will not want to miss.


Concha Bay

To get away from the busy San Sebastian promenade, many visitors take a short ferry boat ride over to the little island in the bay called Isla de Santa Clara. This pretty little island is a great place for a hike, a swim, and fresh seafood at the little bar on the ferry dock.


Isla de Santa Clara

If you get a chance to visit Northern Spain, don’t miss San Sebastián. Keep discovering and exploring, and may the remarkable photos always be yours.


8 thoughts on “Discovering San Sebastián, Spain

  1. Have you ever thought of replacing Rick Steves?
    You have a way of making us want to go there!
    Especially love the bicycle photo.

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