Growing up on Florida’s East Coast

DSC_9477_8_9-2-EditThis photo so reminds me of my youth. I remember mom driving us to the beach early on Saturday morning so we could surf all day. The waves were not anything like we read about in the Surfing Magazines, but we had so much fun riding our little Florida waves. After a long day, we would come home in the afternoon tired but with an endorphin rush from all the physical activity that I will never forget. To this day, I think of my childhood surfing days when the endorphins kick in from my morning run.

This photo was taken at the famous Cocoa Beach Pier. These little guys could not wait to get in the water, running right in front of my tripod. The surf was practically too small to ride, but they couldn’t wait to get in the water. Life is good for these two. I snapped the shot as they planned how best to attack the little surf while the sun rose. A remarkable moment in time.

A couple more images of the famous Cocoa Beach Pier:


Cocoa Beach Pier Sunrise (D7000)

A beautiful sunrise at the Cocoa Beach Pier - (D7000)

A beautiful sunrise at the Cocoa Beach Pier – (D7000)

May the remarkable photos be yours.


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