Divine Art Therapy – a sunrise walk on the beach.

She stole my heart   - Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

She stole my heart – Florida Beach Sunrise

The wind was a little cold as we left our garage so early in the morning. Not very cold by most people’s standards, but a little cold for a Florida morning.  It was still dark. A typical start for our weekly bike ride to the beach. I was thinking it must be almost 5 years we have biked to the beach on Saturdays to watch and photograph the sunrise.  Nancy, my wife, was just ahead of me as dawn was just tinting the sky a lighter blue. The inspiration has begun.

As usual, a short ride to the beach followed a long walk as dawn awoke.  This morning’s spectacle was like so many others in that this “Divine Art” almost took our breath away as dawn painted the sky.  As is our custom, we held hands and watched the sun peak over the horizon.

After years of watching the sunrise almost every week, I don’t think we have ever seen two beach sunrises that looked alike. Each and every day is a unique experience and so therapeutic.  We find an early morning beach walk every week sharpens our senses and relaxes our mood.  I would say we are addicted to our weekly “Divine Art Therapy” and time together.  We also find reliving these special moments through the magic of photography keeps us inspired all week.

Sunrise Luminary - Florida Beach

Sunrise Luminary – Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Evidently many of us love the beach, and the feelings we relive through beach photography. Many beach themed websites and Facebook pages have thousands of followers. One of my favorites…   Marianne Mollica’s Peace of the Beach  Facebook page.  I also have some firsthand experience sharing my own photos. Out of all the photos I have shared on my Flickr photo stream,  beach sunrises are the most favored. I included some of my more popular photos in this post.

Pink Sky Angels - Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

Pink Sky Angels – Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Where do you find your inspiration? A walk on the seashore at sunrise? A hike through the woods? Meditation in a quiet place? Wherever you find it, make a habit of it with a loved one by your side.  Capture those special moments on your cell phone or camera, and keep those remarkable moments in a special album. You will be surprised how therapeutic it is to relive those magical moments through your photograpy.

Beach Walk - Indian Harbour Beach, FLorida

She loves our walks together – IHB, FL

Wherever you find your inspiration,  may the remarkable moments be yours. . .


Golden Waves - Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

She rides on golden waves – IHB, FL

2 thoughts on “Divine Art Therapy – a sunrise walk on the beach.

  1. WOW!!! I had thought I had already seen beautiful beach photos and then YOURS!!! These are truly breathtaking. I am in awe of the colors, the sheerness of the water and shells and the colors. Truly gorgeous photos!!! Jennifer Gordon

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