Classic lines brings back fond memories

Classic Lines - Cocoa Village, FL

Classic Lines – Cocoa Village, FL

I walked through the displays of classic lines feeling the same way I felt so many times before. Of course, I can’t resist viewing and capturing the feelings through the camera viewfinder. I don’t really know what it is about classic car shows that brings back so many remarkable memories for me, but it happens every time.  Since most car shows are so crowded with gawkers, most people must have the same nostalgic reaction. I guess many of us like to relive our remarkable moments, and somehow seeing “signs” of the past brings us back to those fond memories.

Wishing he was president - Cocoa Village, FL

Wishing he was president – Cocoa Village, FL

Why do you suppose most of us get so much enjoyment reliving our past? I think we probably remember more happy times, than the challenges.  I would guess that most of us don’t remember our past experiences as they really happened either.  Or maybe day dreaming our past is just a short term escape from today’s challenges. I just know that a classic car show brings back many happy memories for me.  I think it might be because cars were such an important part of my social life when I was young.

Rear View - Cocoa Village, FL

Rear View – Cocoa Village, FL

When I grew up, our cars were almost revered. Not just because it was cool to have neat car, but because It was our transportation to our social network. It was the only way to get us to a place where we shared our lives with others. For generations, the car enabled group communication, and carried us to places where we met new people.  For so many of us in pre-Internet generations, I think seeing vintage cars built even before we were born brings us back to the social scenes in our past. . . those good times that in so many ways may not even exist today. Today the Internet has replaced the car to a large extent, enabling us to reach our social network without even leaving our living rooms. . . or even seeing what the other person looks like! You think 50 years from now there will be Vintage Internet Shows where people will get all nostalgic about their past Internet memories? I hope not.

Memories - Cocoa Village, FL

Memories – Cocoa Village, FL

The next time you visit a vintage car show. Look for me. I am the one with the camera. And I hope only the remarkable memories will be yours.




All dressed up - Cocoa Village, FL

All dressed up – Cocoa Village, FL

4 thoughts on “Classic lines brings back fond memories

  1. Chuck: Another inspiring blog! You really have a way with words! I agree with the nostalgia of old cars. Looking forward to your next blog. Nancy

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