Reflecting on 2015 – My Top Ten of the year.

Archie Smith's Wholesale Fish House Est. 1932 - Sebastian, FL

Archie Smith’s Wholesale Fish House Est. 1932 – Sebastian, FL

2015 was a good year for new experiences, new friendships, new challenges, and photography. Now it’s time to look to the new year for all that it may bring. I’ve been told that the time honored tradition of new year resolutions are best set by first reflecting on where we have been. I don’t know about you but I can’t remember what I did last month much less last year!    

The best way I’ve found to reflect on the past year is to select my Top Ten photos of the year. You get to relive all those special places you visited, the people you met, and oh those family get-togethers. . . how special were they? One of the best things photography does for us is that it captures those moments you get to relive over and over again. Forcing yourself to select your Top Ten brings back all those memories and good times. Of course the only way to pick your top ten is to relive your year through each and every memory you captured. It’s a rewarding exercise we should do every year.

My Top Ten photos of 2015 represent a few accomplishments and some very special memories. Several of my picks were recognized by others as meaningful but a few others are just reflections of some very good times or new experiences. And a couple of selections represent a new challenge for me. And you know the best part of reflecting on the past year? You realize there are even better opportunities to learn, grow, and experience in the new year.

Wishing you all the best in 2016. Have a fantastic year. And may the remarkable photos always be yours.


One thought on “Reflecting on 2015 – My Top Ten of the year.

  1. I found your name when I was looking for photos, old postcards anything relating toThe Driftwood, a summer rental my family rented for a couple of summers …one week at a time. I was born and raised in Cocoa. Some of my best childhood memories involve our family vacation at The Driftwood. I like the one you photographed…nice time of the day you decided to take it. I also loved the pier and the beautiful Sebastian photo. If you have any other photos or know of details where I might contact the owner, I would be delighted to know that info….as well as the photo of The Driftwood. What is the cost of the photo? Thank you. Sincerely, Cassie

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