Exploring Arches National Park

Broken Arch - Arches National Park - Moab, UT

Broken Arch – Arches National Park

Our family has made a real effort to see all of our major US National Parks but there are still a few more on our bucket list. Although we have seen many of the parks in Utah and Colorado, we never quite made it to Arches National Park near Moab, Utah until recently.

“A red rock wonderland” as the National Park Service likes to call it, Arches certainly lives up to its reputation. You can spend days hiking among 2,000 or so natural stone arches, and some of the most famous arches can be found within a short walk of a parking lot.

The Entrada Sandstone deposited some 140 million years ago continues to erode forming some of the most spectacular arch formations very unique to Arches National Park. Of course this country makes for some unforgettable photograph opportunities as you admire the red rock formations.

Every visitor must see and capture the major arches easily accessible by car and a short walk, but hiking through narrow passages between the towering sandstone walls away from the crowds is the best way to see the true beauty of this magnificent park. One of our most favorite hikes ever is in the “Fiery Furnace” of Arches National Park.

Hikers in the Fiery Furnace must either follow a ranger guided tour or go with someone who is permitted and an experienced guide in the Furnace. There are no trail signs or apparent pathways in the Fiery Furnace, and GPS units don’t work too well among the towering sandstone walls. Our Fiery Furnace hike will certainly be one of those experiences we will not soon forget and one that makes our current top ten list. We marveled at, and of course photographed some of the not so famous arches few visitors ever get to see.

Some of our best vacations were spending several days in one of the major US National Parks. Most visitors don’t take time to explore trails and locations away from the roadway overviews. To really enjoy our parks, you need to spend a few days seeing the back country as well. Make sure your bucket list has a several-day visit to all our major parks! And be sure Arches National Park is near the top of your list.

Keep exploring and as always… May the Remarkable Photos always be Yours.


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