A Day in the Life of the Space Coast

United Launch Alliance Atlas V - Port Canaveral, FL

United Launch Alliance Atlas V – Port Canaveral, FL

Inspired by A Day in the Life series of books co-created by Rick Smolan, a former Time, LIFE, and National Geographic photographer, and publisher David Elliot Cohen,  I set out to capture little snippets of life here on the Space Coast of Florida. How do you capture the essence of the lifestyle where we live and work in just a few photographs? I didn’t know exactly where to start, but I set a goal to capture the essence the Space Coast in just 30 days.   

I began by establishing a few themes I know would be recognized by those living on the Space Coast of Florida. But I wanted to capture the moments in a new and unique way that would peak a viewer’s interest and attention. I realized half way in that the people and many scenes here in our local community are not that much different than many other geographic areas.  We share much with others living elsewhere. . . especially in Florida. However, there are many meaningful and unique experiences right here in my own backyard. I hope you take the time to discover yours.  Here are the results of my photographic project. Here is A Day in the Life of the Space Coast.

The people of the Space Coast

Space Coast Lifestyle

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of the Space Coast

  1. All your images are fabulous but I especially like “Dels Freez”.
    I would have been going around in circles trying to get the “no parking” out of my frame but those geometric lines and the lettering lead me into this special moment and endows this image with so much feeling.
    You continue to teach and for that I thank you.

  2. Hello chuck, I follow you on Flicker and have always a particular interest in your composition and the way you capture the light, and get the best of the situation . I like the idea of observing life in the place you live . It is difficult to take photos on the spot , you do that very well . Quick eyes like the fighter pilot .

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