Exploring and Discovering Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

I’m not sure what I like best, traveling, or travel photography. Travel helps us make a connection to people we meet along our journey, discovering new cultures, lifestyles, food, history, and religions. We take in all we see, smell, taste, hear, and feel. . . forever changing us. We return from our journey with a new perspective on the world in which we live. So for many of us travel is all about exploring, discovering, and growing as well as recreation and a break from the routine. However, capturing images of all we see, smell, taste, hear, and feel gives us such a unique opportunity to practice so many different genres of photography and we get to relive our travel experience all over again when we get home!

My wife and I have planned what we call our annual Europe Trek for the past several years. Of course I love to capture all of our meaningful moments as we explore new destinations. This year’s travels took us to Northern Spain where we explored three of Spain’s most popular cities. We thoroughly enjoyed discovering the Spanish culture, food, and hospitality. In this first in a series of posts, here is a short photography travelogue of our Barcelona adventure.

Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and is the capital of the autonomous Catalunya region in northeastern Spain. Barcelona is full of life in narrow Barri Gotic alleys, along pedestrian boulevards, the most famous called La Rambla, and on several beautiful beaches just a short bus ride from city center. Remarkable discoveries and photo opportunities are at your every turn.

The Ciutat Vella (Old City) is made for touring on foot, full of winding streets and secluded squares where diners enjoy the food and people watching.

Of course sampling the food was a highlight of our Spanish adventure, and there is no better place to do this than a locals Tapas Bar!

Barcelona’s modern art and architecture is best seen at Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Basilica. You must see this amazing place when visiting Barcelona. The Basilica is still under construction and is expected to be completed in 2021.

Barcelona is a beautiful city just to walk around and discover all sorts of remarkable images to capture and take back home with you.

Stay tuned for a travelogue of our next Spanish City. . . Pamplona.

Keep discovering and exploring, and may the remarkable photos always be yours.


8 thoughts on “Exploring and Discovering Barcelona

  1. What a wonderful trip you had in
    Europe.We went to
    Barcelona a few years ago . I love this town .
    We always need more time when we go on a trip to investigate all the possibilities in photography that we meet . Always something we wish being able to do and not enough time . The Famous words when we are in a country visiting “We will come back”
    Very often is when we are in the country talking with people , observing around , that you find the treasure, the wooh, the perles of the place you are visiting .
    I love you album photo , beautiful photos that reflect the life in the towns you visited .
    “Stak” seems to be an interesting program with CC, the presentation is very nice. Thanks for sharing I like to discover with you. Eliane

  2. A great Photo blog that is up to your exceptionally high standards Chuck. I do thank you for sharing your photos along with the fine comments accompanying them.

  3. Wonderful. When we went to Spain, we went only to Madrid, which is beautiful too. Brings back memories of our time in Europe and all the pictures I took there. I ran out of wall space for framed enlargements–the rest are in photo albums. Thank you for sharing.

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