Lessons Learned on the Road to Creativity

I have learned many lessons on my road to being a more creative photographer. Probably the most important is studying other artists work and art design are critical to development.  One of the best resources I have found is Extraordinary Vision Photography Magazine. Editor Angelo Ioanides does a phenomenal job compiling useful articles from professional and amateur photographers. The e-magazine format provides stunning images, and active links to videos and other internet content. With a remarkably low subscription rate, it also must be the best deal in photography education available anywhere. If you subscribe before August 1, you also get 10 free back issues in addition to the latest 3 issues. . . all this in a 30 day free trial subscription! 

May I suggest you subscribe today. Read Angelo’s article series on composition design principles. One of the best references on the subject you will find anywhere. And make sure you check out my article in Issue 60 too! – Lessons Learned on the Road to Creativity. 

EV Vision Magazine

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