It’s the worst of times. . . it’s the best of times

2:20 Underwater

It has been awhile since I posted to this blog. The whole year seems to have flown by while I am stuck at home. Like most people. . . travels were canceled, plans destroyed, and few family gatherings have been our norm for 2020. The good news, my family has remained healthy. As this strange year comes close to an end, I can’t help but think that time stood still in 2020. No remarkable images of far-away places or events to share.

However, I did pursue remarkable images in these remarkable times. After all being an amateur photographer is all about the joy in pursuing the art. I recently read an article by Guy Tal who suggested. . . “most people pursue photography for personal edification or as a means of socializing with fellow photographers, and not as a means of creating timeless art”. This is certainly true of my photography. Very few of us will leave behind photos that will be cherished by a lot of people. A couple of family photos maybe, but not many will create art that is collected and celebrated. It’s the joy of photography that keeps us shooting.

Whether it is a ‘normal’ year or a year tormented by a world-wide pandemic. . . My photography is not about trying to impress anyone or capturing another image for my living room wall.  It’s enjoying nature and the outdoors. It’s about practicing the art and continuing to improve my creative vision. It’s about developing my life experiences. It’s just about having fun. And it is about sharing what I have learned along the way. For whatever it is worth to you, here are a few images captured in these most interesting of times. Of course, if you think any of them should be collected or celebrated, be sure to let me know 😉.

Keep shooting and may only the most remarkable images be yours.


Stuck at Home – A collage of things seen around the house.


A cool drink at home

Green Patterns – A Still Life

Comet NEOWISE – This comet was first discovered in March 2020 by the infrared-optimized NEOWISE spacecraft According to NASA this comet is 70 million miles from Earth, 3 miles across, and as is the case of most comets, is half water and half dust. If you did not catch a glimpse of it you will have to wait another 6800 years before it comes around earth again.

Comet NEOWISE as seen from the porch – Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Skimmer Art

Black Skimmer – Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Sunrise at the Pier – Cocoa Beach, FL

Sunrise Beach Walk, Cocoa Beach, FL

The longest Journey

Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge – Melbourne Beach, FL

Sunset Walk along the Indian River Lagoon

Indian River Tranquility – Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Summer’s End

Summer’s End – Eau Gallie, FL

Only one way out of this. . .

2020 Escape

17 thoughts on “It’s the worst of times. . . it’s the best of times

  1. If a photo could explain how I feel right now in the day of Covid It would be your 2:20 Underwater! How did you do that? Can you give us lessons? Your black and white images are stunning. Your eye sees things the rest of the world can’t see. My all time favorite is summer’s end with the light streaming through the straw hat creating pretty little light dots on the rungs of the blue chair. Amazing light, amazing composition.
    marcia kiernan

  2. Chuck,
    You just explained the spirit of amateur photography in a way all of us can relate to. There are a variety of reasons why photographers are so passionate about their craft, but the underlying motivation for most, I assume, is to simply learn, progress, and succeed in making better pictures. I can think of no better way for aspiring photographers to progress than becoming an active CCB member. (Unless they want to join one of my classes, haha!)
    Continue to write, shoot and inspire. The club is fortunate to have you provide this valuable insight.

  3. Chuck, Thank you for sharing your commentary on photography; I so agree and it captures the way I feel but could never express so well. Your images are always exceptional; I always enjoy them. I especially liked Summer’s End; it speaks to us all this year. And I loved the beautiful green patterns. My photography, like my travels, has also been limited this year. I survived a pulmonary embolism in late July and my photography has been limited to the beautiful Indialantic sunrises, when I walk the beach in the mornings trying to get my health back. The sunrise reminds me that every day is a new day, a new beginning, and a blessing; and like every day, they are all different and change constantly. Thank you for all you do for us amateurs and never forget that you are so appreciated and a role model for all.

    • Thanks so much Larry. I have thought of you often this year wondering how you are getting along. So glad to hear you overcame the health issues. Take care and I hope we can meet soon.

  4. Chuck, Thank you for your commentary on photography and the “best of times; the worst of times”. I so agree; and feel so attuned to what you say about the times and photography. I also loved your Summer’s End and the beautiful green in “A Cool Drink at Home”. The worst of times speaks to my pulmonary embolism on July 27th; the best of times speaks to my survival and recovery walks on the beach at sunrise; reminding me that everyday is a new day; a new beginning; a gift from God; and the constant of change as the sun appears over the horizon reflecting on the changing cloud formations. So my photography has been limited, rather expanded, this year by photographing the daily reminder of our blessings. Thank you for all you do for amateurs like me, and the example you set of excellence. Please know you are appreciated. Stay safe.

  5. Amazing photos as always. Chuck you definitely have a God given gift. Every time you look at your photos you see another detail.

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