My best of 2014 – Reliving those remarkable moments

In the next heat - Cocoa Beach Easter Surf Festival

In the next heat – Cocoa Beach Easter Surf Festival

Here are my “top 10″ best photos of 2014 selected based on the feedback received from others, photo contest results, and a couple of my personal favorites. It has been a good year of travel and new experiences, and I look forward to the new opportunities in 2015.   

I read somewhere a couple of years ago that selecting your top 10 photos every year forces you to relive some of your most special moments of the year… many of which don’t end up as a top 10 photo. But you relive your year anyway by selecting your top 10. This is certainly true in my case. In the old days of film, your best photos of the year were probably in an album on your coffee table. You enjoyed sharing your experiences with others… reliving those special moments. In the digital age, I find it harder to share and relive your experiences through pictures unless you really make the effort. Picking your Top 10 Best Photos of the year not only forces you to look through all those digital images you have on your hard drive, it gives you such pleasure to relive those special moments. And there is an added benefit to selecting your Top 10. You can also see quite clearly what progress you have made year to year in capturing those special moments. And of course, realize the opportunities for new experiences and further skill development. That will be the fun part in the new year.

Happy New Year Everyone…. and may the remarkable moments be yours in 2015.

Fussen, Germany

Benedictine Monastery - Fussen, Germany Mountain Village Lazy Days Restaurant - Marathon, FL Rays of hope - Fernandina Beach, FL It was her special day - Indian Harbour Beach Winding - Melbourne, FL Exploration Tower - Port Canaveral, FL

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