Amelia Island – A beautiful escape. . . over and over again

Amelia Island Sunrise

Amelia Island Sunrise

I have traveled to many places all over the world, but there are only a few I like to return to over and over again. I am not sure how to describe these places. They just feel right. You never get tired of them. They are most interesting, filled with many things to do, yet uncrowded and relaxing. One of these favorite places is Amelia Island, Florida.  

Amelia Island is 13 miles long, and a little over 4 miles wide off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. History suggests that five different countries have claimed it their own: France, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, and the US.  The original town of Fernandina Beach still anchors the major tourist attraction of this beautiful island where you will find plenty of fine restaurant opportunities for local seafood. But it’s the grand dunes of the beautiful beaches and majestic oak trees that make Amelia so inviting.

Summer Beach, Amelia Island, FL

Summer Beach, Amelia Island, FL

I am not sure why this beautiful island is still unspoiled and uncrowded, but I am glad not too many people have discovered this little piece of paradise. Don’t tell too many people. I want to keep going back!

Keep exploring, and may the remarkable photos be yours.


6 thoughts on “Amelia Island – A beautiful escape. . . over and over again

  1. If it is overcrowded the next time you go, you will have no one to blame but yourself and these exquisite photographs, Chuck! 🙂 Just gorgeous!

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